The definition of Christian Ministry !!!?

Ministry is not an industry run with a PhD from the University,
Ministry is not driven by a corporate business strategy,
Ministry depends on the creativity of God Almighty,
Ministry reflects the Sovereignty of the Holy Trinity.

Ministry is the Testimony of the Father of Glory,
Ministry is done in the Spirit of Prophecy,
Ministry don’t run after the fame and money,
Ministry life is never lived greedy.

Ministry reveals the Truth with grace and mercy,
Ministry proclaims the victory of Christ in full maturity,
Ministry builds the Church of God Holy,
Ministry overcomes every impossibility.

Ministry demolish all evil authority,
Ministry destroys the spirit of carnality,
Ministry establishes Christ’s Supremacy over poverty,
Ministry is accomplished through the spoken message of the cross of Calvary.

Ministry forms unity in Christ’s Body,
Ministry produces Spiritual prosperity,
Ministry unfolds the Divine mystery,
Ministry sets the captives free.

Ministry is the cry of the Messiah’s agony,
Ministry is the radiance of God’s glory,
Ministry feeds the needy through a life of integrity,
Ministry is the passion of Christ burning in those who co- builds God’s Kingdom of eternity.

And after faithfully and thankfully finishing well in the ministry done in deep intimacy,
God fearing, Christ admiring and God pleasing servants spoke with great humility,
With His gifts we have done only what we are called to do in partnership in His ministry,
The Lamb of God who was slain for all in Calvary is the only One worthy to receive all the Glory!
Ministry is a fellowship of His suffering united with His Crucifixion, Resurrection, Compassion and Purity!!!



One Response to “The definition of Christian Ministry !!!?”

  1. Janson Abraham Says:

    This is awesome.I was glad to read this.

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