The time is near, your Ultimate Companion is coming soon!

In communion with God, Adam celebrated life to the fullest in the Garden of Eden and he lacked nothing. Adam was very intelligent and mature, he never chose his companion from the animals and birds. God was watching his heart!!! 

Giraffes were too tall, Elephants were too big, Cheetahs were too fast, Eagles flew too high, Rhinos looked dangerous, Hyenas were not likable, Hippos were were not kissable, Lions were too wild….Adam gave up, he was not is search for any one. But God kept Eve hidden in him, God is faithful to gift him with the crown of creation…any body listening?!!! Be holy because your God is Holy!!! Never give up, have patience, wait!!! Stay joyfully pure and single till God brings the right companion created exclusively for you. Now in the fullness of the abundance of grace, earnestly prepare yourself to be a great companion for that person for an entire lifetime. By the power of the Holy Ghost, deaden the dictates of the flesh. Renew your mind according to the perfect will of God, pay the price and stay holy!!!

 The time is near, the Bride of the Lamb has prepared herself for the Lamb of God. Lord Jesus the King of Glory, your Ultimate Companion is coming soon, be ready to gift your spotlessness to Him who loved you with an everlasting love!!!!



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