Are you in the God ordained TRACK !!!?

Few months back Mary John, the widow of the late prophet Variyapuram Yonachayan passed away. When I heard she was sick, I visited her in the hospital in the intensive care Room. She was in coma, but I saw her fearless face defeating the power of death by radiating a quaint smile of grace, reflecting her hope of glory. She was all set to joyfully take off home when other faces in the room looked terribly dipressed by the grip of the fear of death without hope in eternity. She passed away the next day and I went to attend the funeral in her home which was a house of fervent prayer for all saints of Christ.

They never had children, but had many spiritual sons and daughters. One last time, I entered their home through the old iron gate and walked inside the compound remembering my good old teenage days and the long sweet hours of prayer I spent with my spiritual parents. The very first message I heard from the word of God was spoken to me by the greatest prophet of this generation from Kerala. The man of God told me about the God who calls us by our name and empowers us, to fulfill His predestined purposes. God called Samuel by his name and spoke to him. After many years even now I still hear the prophetic message he spoke to me with a burning passion.

I felt that the pebels on the ground and the old green trees around has recognized the steps of my walk in the drizzle. My Spiritual parents who loved me and prayed over me is no more. I felt terribly lonely without them alive in their house, I was sinking in the deep sea of thoughts. Nearly twenty five years back when I came here to pray, I remember worshiping God with them the last time in the small prayer room. There they prayed over me for a long time and the man of God laid his anointed hands on me and blessed me. I still remember the mighty impartation falling on me in the early hours of the morning. That day, the presence of God was so strong and tangible.

He said, “Tell me what did you see when I prayed for you?” I said, I saw a brand new steam engine between two old generation steam engines pushing and pulling for transporting it to a far destination. Now the new engine in the middle comes alive and it comes in the front. From then onwards the two older engines push the new one from the back. In the increasing speed the new genration steam engine in the front get transformed into a very powerful new generation diesel engine. The two old steam engines pushed it forcefully from behind till the diesel engine parted with them and started speeding twice faster than them. Now the diesel engine attained its full speed and was empowered and ready to go on its own to reach the destination. Then I saw the final transfiguration of the diesel engine. Supernaturaly wings like a plane were formed on both sides of the diesel engine. Now I saw the old steam engines slowly vanishing from the track. But the diesel engine moved forward swiftly with the wings. It slowly transformed into a glorious Jet Plane. And in the very end as if it was from a runway, from the rail track the Jet plane took off into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

He heard what I said and after a pause he asked me an unforgettable question. Like a sword penetrating my flesh and bones, he asked me one simple thing. Now I ask that same question again and again to examine myself before God. He asked me, “ARE YOU ON THE TRACK?” I smiled knowing that he has seen something more about my spiritual future. Yes later after he died, without fellowship and accountability to great people like him, I lost my focus on my glorious destination in Christ and went out of the God ordained track. But Jesus was kind and He never left me abandoned in that years of spiritual sleep that leads to spiritual death. The compassion of God’s beloved Son woke me up later and rescued this backslidden prodigal son from perishing. I experienced the power of a compassionate prophetic question once again before the burial of my spiritual mother. Lord made me answer the same old question once again right next to the room where I heard it first from the man of God. When I spoke in the funeral, I shared this testimony with people and I said with tears in my eyes and with a lumb in my throat, “Lord Here I am back in Your track. I will never deviate nor leave the God designed track till I take off into the sky and disappear into the clouds”. God is always waiting for us to truly come back and sincerely remain in our first love and express our heart’s endless admiration to Christ forever.

Friends, today may I ask you the same old question.“Are you on the track?”. May your answer bring joy in the heart of the One who loved you with an everlasting love!!! Let nothing separate you from the love of Christ!

But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit. Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy– to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen [Jude 20-25].


One Response to “Are you in the God ordained TRACK !!!?”

  1. Suzanne Masters Says:

    WOW!! This was the 2nd awakening message for toady.
    The fist had the smae qustion in a different way….have you been diverted?

    Indeed its late, we need to get back on track, we need to focus again, there is only 1 mission on this earth that shud kep us going, the vision to see countless souls come back to the real Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for sharing your testimony.
    God Bless you on your track and may you always be that powerful jet engine pushing forward and never backward.
    Stay Blessed Stay powered in his grace.
    Love thru Christ

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