Coal in the Alter of God.

The Coal with no fire remains cold, dark and black. It turns white when it is on fire and then it radiates light and conquers darkness and produces heat and consume coldness. But puffed up knowledge without love is a spiritually unproductive item. From the notes of the teacher to the paper of the student, the knowledge can get transported with out involving the hearts and minds of both. But the Love of God is the unquenchable holy flame which makes the cold coal like knowledge burn hot and white. God’s word send in God’s love has God’s power and God’s presence. And our faith rest in His power.

The Word of Knowledge manifested in the human flesh never came to just preach but to demonstrate the love of God to us on the cross. Here the message of the cross was not mere words but real life sacrifice of love for all. Bible is a Holy Book writen about what God has done than what God has said. And before the display of Love on the cross, confronting the degraded spirituality in the man made Temple of God, Jesus exploded with burning passion. The zeal for the Temple of Glory which He was about to build in three days consumed Him inside. He said destroy this temple, I will build it in three days. On the cross His body was destroyed so that our body will become His Temple as we accept His Lordship. Today we are the Temple of the Eternal King and the living God. Loveless knowledge is lifeless information which is unable to release the power for transformation in the heart of the listener. But the coal from the Alter of God could sanctify the tongue of the Prophet Isaiah. Knowledge soaked in grace and compassion is the revelation of Christ that touches hearts, produces faith and changes life through the Ministry of reconciliation.

We need to speak the truth with buring passion. The message of the cross is forgiveness, if any one speaks the truth with no flame of love, people remain cold, they remain as the enemys of God and stay in eternal darkness !!! Before people become friends of God, let’s self examine ourself here, are we the cold black coal or the white burning coal in the Alter of God. Do we radiate the glorious light of the Consuming Fire? Do we carry the awesome flame of God’s love? I humbly pray, Lord let the Consuming Flame of love constantly burn in me and illuminate the dark world with the Light of Life!!! Amen.


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