The True Story of True Companions.

Nearly a decade ago, when a prayer meeting was going on, two medical doctors brought a sinking orphan boy in the midst of the congregation and challenged the Christian faith. By Faith my friends prayed over Him in the name of Jesus and God in His mercy miraculously healed that boy from the last stages of kidney trouble. Through the manifestation of the supremacy of Christ, that boy was healed by the stripes of Jesus and those doctors accepted the Lordship of Christ and got baptized in water in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

Many years passed and this boy grew up and was committed for Christian ministry. But he was inconsistent in remaining in the first love of his relationship with Christ. He struggled to identify and overcome the deception of the devil most of the time and nearly shipwrecked his faith. We should constantly obey what Christ commanded to whom He delivered and healed. Remember what the Lord said, “Sin no more” which simply means to deny your self and live a sacrificial life of Worship and endlessly please God. This young man got married early and everything was going on fine until the day he was admitted in the hospital, where he spoke to me over the phone and said his kidneys are seriously back in trouble. Suddenly after two days, unfortunately his condition worsened, he passed away in the hospital. We felt terrible about his sudden demise and next day we went to attend his funeral in his village named Othara.

But one thing I remember, as he said his life was in trouble, by God’s grace I found him joyful and thankful to Christ for giving him an extension of life which he enjoyed for some years without the help of medicines for Kidney trouble. While attending the funeral, we all were so deeply moved when his wife kissed the face of her dear husband for the very last time. In the outburst of sorrowful emotions, she cried loudly “Take me away too and bury me with my beloved, why am I left alone here on earth with out him”. Tears filled everyone’s eyes and we witnessed the unbearable pain of someone’s heart who lost her true companion on earth. Words fail to describe a person’s agony of love caused by the pain of the death of someone who existed as one body and one mind on earth.

Here my heart saw the reflection of the true story in Calvary, where Jesus lost His companions God the Father and the Holy Ghost for a few hours on earth on behalf of us. Christ became an abandoned Man of sorrows for us in His loneliness of the cross. And” He cried Eli Eli Lamma Shabakthani !!! Which means My God, My God why did You leave Me alone???” The Father of Glory and the Spirit of Glory also horribly suffered the absence of Jesus in the Throne Room of God. The Throne of the Son of Glory was empty for a little while in eternity as He was slain for redeeming our souls in Calvary. As we know, then Christ committed His Spirit into the hands of the Father and died to save us from the punishment of all our sins against God and men. In eternity, the mystery of the Trinity is about unbreakable unity, but in order to unite with us in deep intimacy, God left His only begotten Son alone to cling on to the nails of the cross so that we can cling on to Christ and come in union with God forever. Christ bought us with a price by hanging on the cross to build us as the temple of God so that God can abide in us as our true companion for ever!!!

Now, is there anybody craving to cling on to Christ the Rebonai and eternally remain as His true and intimate companion?!!! Once disciple Peter failed to cling on and unfortunately denied Him three times and Christ looked at Him with one look of compassion during His sufferings to carry our sins. And later the resurrected Lord asked Peter a very passionate question, “Do you love Me more than these?”….Today, if the Lord ask us this same question, how will we answer? Like the young man’s wife who cried with pain, does our soul carry a flame of love that refuses to part with Christ our Companion? Are we His true companions? Are we committed to stand the test of time on our cross and prove our companionship with Christ like He proved it for us on the cross??? Are we ready to get crucified with Christ to fellowship with Him in His resurrection?

May God witness our heart answering that question every single day until Christ comes. Through constant living sacrifices to cling on to the One who gave His life for us, let’s say, yes Lord we love and adore You, with a life of worship we will honor You!!!

With a great sense of urgency, Let’s run after the heart of Christ, Let’s hurry and say, take me away with You Lord. Let’s follow Him and abide in Him in all the days of our lives. Christ is the beginning and the end, He is the Alpha and the Omega!!! He is the very Breath of Life. Kiss the One who sits at the Throne, let nothing separate us from the love of Christ!!! Amen


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