In the name of Jesus people pray, teach, preach, praise, sing, clap and dance in corporate worship. But even after participating in all these acts of faith, a true worshiper’s inner man endlessly craves for a fresh encounter with God face to face. He discovers immeasurable favor of God through constantly hungering more of Christ. We can do all things for Christ without intimately uniting with HIM in the Spirit and truth. In the act of worship, if we present our minds and bodies without a sacrifice to please God by doing the perfect will of God, then we worship God in vain.

In person get united with Christ intimately and get filled with the fullness of the knowledge of Christ. A trillion Thesis’s of Christology means nothing without a saint eternally becoming a true companion of Christ in real life. Check out what A W Tozer said,“The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still.”  –


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