True worship exposes the life of Christ in the worshipper!

In natural life, the act of intimate love making between a man and woman ends up in the creation of new life. In spiritual life, the true worshipper’s intimate adoration ends up in conceiving the fullness of the life of Christ. When the betrothed virgin listen to the word of God, it sanctifies her. She falls in love with Christ and she surrenders her life to Him through her faith in His word. Here she get filled with the fullness of joy in the Holy Ghost. And she gets overwhelmed by the everlasting love of God and she thankfully delights in the eternal pleasures in her Lord’s presence.

True adoration and Worship is all about mud (the worshipper) from the earth denying itself and surrendering to God and resisting the devil and becoming soft mould-able clay by getting mixed with the Living Waters (the Holy Spirit) to be remoulded in the image of Christ (the One from above) on the potter’s wheel (the living sacrifice in the act of worship) at the Potter’s house (the Body of Christ) under the Holy hands of the Great Potter Heavenly Father. God moulds us as Christlike vessels filled with Divine power and Divine nature through our obedience of faith in completely doing His perfect will till the end. In the act of worship the Bride presents her body holy as a living sacrifice before God and she unites with Christ to become one with Him in the Spirit.

The act of worship make us dive into the deep love of Christ and see where the Deep is calling us deeper. True love casts out all fear. It make us fearlessly drown in God’s love and freely flow through the mighty Rivers of life by faith in God. True worship simply take us to the Holy of holies and help us to celebrate the inseparable love affair with Christ the Author and Finisher of faith. God pleasing worship begins when the eyes of the Bride engages in a constant eye contact with Christ the Lover of her soul. True worship originates from the obsession of the Bride who constantly embrace and kiss the Son who is a life giving Spirit. Her heart cries, ” Kiss me with the Kisses of His mouth, your love is better than wine”.

She knows her Lord is mindful of her. His words of true love from His mouth can intoxicate her in the spirit deep within. She knows His kiss is the kiss of life which imparted the Breath of life in the lifeless body of the first Adam. Bad company corrupts good character. But the union with the Person of Christ in the spirit, mind and body keeps the purity and divinity of the one who is betrothed to Him. Holy Spirit dwells in the body of the lovely Bride who uninterruptedly lives a life of sacrifice to please God with her act of worship. She pleads her Lord, “Take me away with you, let’s hurry”. She lives for just one thing, she lives to enter the chamber of the King of glory and dwell with Him eternally.

When the Bride adore Christ in the Spirit of God, the newness of the life appear in her through the inherent power of the imperishable Seed the word God sends to mould her in the image Christ. The Bride endlessly denies her own mind by faithfully living the mind of Christ her Lord and King. Pure brand marks of Christ in her body reveals her astonishing inner beauty in God’s presence. Her worship is the preparation for the wedding of the Lamb by seeking, knowing and doing the perfect will of God in real life!!! In the act of worship, if our heart is not completely subjective to the sanctifying work of the Spirit, we definitely end up worshiping God in vain.

Let our hearts crave to know Christ our King more and let our inner man grow deeply rooted in Him to remain spotless and glorious till He comes in the sky with His Angels. In all seasons of life the true worshipper’s heart worship God in the Spirit and Truth and reflects the glorious life of Christ indwelling in her. Amen!!!


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