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Giving a greater blessing than receiving!!!

January 10, 2010

Day after day we constantly seek God to receive endless gifts from Him for our needs. Yes, we are created for praise, fame and honor. God provides all our needs according to the riches in the glory of Christ. By faith we can accumulate every good gift God has given to us to enjoy and do good works to glorify Him. God provides all our need not our greed.

We should worship the Giver not the gift. In our good times never ignore Christ the Greatest Gift we have ever received from Heaven. Along with Christ, all other gifts from Heaven are given to us who believed in Him. If we constantly seek the Greatest Giver’s Kingdom and His righteousness, then we won’t lack any good thing.

When tested, the true worshipers sacrifice all good gifts for the sake of gaining Christ and please God. Paul said, for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. A true worshiper yearns for God, like a Bride yearns for the Bridegroom because she belongs to Him. Her heart comprehends what her Beloved Lord needs. Forever, His greatest need is her constant companionship.

When Lord seeks our companionship, we can grieve His heart if we don’t distribute what we have received to glorify Him by getting separated from all the gifts to bond with God the Great Giver. This is where worship is about imitating Christ who gave Himself for us on the cross to save us. Let nothing separate us from the everlasting love of Christ. True God pleasing worship is about giving Christ, ourselves as a gift without a spot and wrinkle. A true worshiper considers giving a greater blessing than receiving.

If we give ourselves to Him, He will make us into a Vessel of great honor and take us way with Him. The  King of Glory is coming!!! Are you ready to go with Him? Then, do not set your minds on the earthly things, but on things above where Christ is seated on the Throne.


Today’s rejection and tommorrows glory.

January 9, 2010

When we are rejected we usually think, all we need is an opportunity to display who we are or what we can. But if the predestined expectations of our Father in Heaven is much more than what we can deliver through our words or works now, then we should understand few things.

God’s grace delivered through us is only beneficial to people. The impact and influence of our communication depends on the depth of the revelation of Christ we posses, our intimacy with God and the weight of God’s glory in us. Wisdom and grace is the mark of our oneness with Christ the Hope of Glory. And rejection is the perfect opportunity for today’s meticulous preparation for tomorrow’s ultimate presentation. Let’s contain all the fullness of the abundance of grace in Christ in our earthen vessels and make His praise glorious.

Stay humble and be patient under the yoke of Christ. The lifter of our head is faithful to lift us up in the due time. Always remain crucified with Christ and die daily to become the radiance of the glory of Christ who abides in us to appear in us in His glory.  But are you ready for that God ordained opportunity?

Great men and Christ.

January 8, 2010

The thoughts of great men are great, but the words of Christ has the life giving Power. Great men died and went to the grave, but Christ died and came out of the grave. He is the Alpha and the Omega, His words are eternal. In His name sins are forgiven, blind see, deaf hear, lame walk and the dead rise up. By His stripes we are healed. He is the the Lord of life and resurrection. Let our faith rest in His power, His righteous shall live by faith. He is always faithful and true to fulfill what He has promised! Amen!


December 29, 2009

Apostle Paul said, I CHARGE [you] in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, Who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His coming and His kingdom: Herald and preach the Word! Keep your sense of urgency, whether the opportunity seems to be favorable or unfavorable.
Whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether it is welcome or unwelcome, you as preacher of the Word are to show people in what way their lives are wrong. And convince them, rebuking and correcting, warning and urging and encouraging them, being unflagging and inexhaustible in patience and teaching- [2 Tim4. 1-2]

So, those who are called and equipped and sent out to preach the Gospel in 2010, “ARISE from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you–rise to a new life! Shine, be radiant with the glory of the Lord, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!” – [Is 60.1]
If we preach Word with deep conviction and power, then people will receive the fullness of grace to get deeply rooted in Christ. The Testimony of Christ is the Spirit of Prophecy. The Word who manifested in the Flesh is faithful to send His Holy Spirit on all the flesh who accepts His Name and Lordship. Christ, the last Adam, is a life-giving Spirit. He will impart His life on those who conceive His Word as it is declared by us. He gave His life on the cross to save us. By His stripes we are healed. So go with boldness and grace to illuminate the nations with the Mind of Christ. Let your lips proclaim the eternal truth in love. Let people submit to God and obey His Word in their own free will and get blessed eternally.

But telling people only what their ears are itching to hear derails the application of God’s purposes in the lives of people. God pleasing leaders don’t entertain ecstasy seekers. And the ecstasy givers create spectators who are not God pleasing followers.  Compromises pollutes the mindset of the believers like  poison from a Snake bite. This causes contagious spiritual diseases. This has made some Church Leaders spiritually sick and terribly corrupt. The unsound doctrines mute the Prophet, deceive people and cause spiritual blindness and deafness. This leads to spiritual insensitivity and slow spiritual death in the local Church!!!
The only medicine to heal this deadly sickness is through getting back to the purpose of preaching. Paul said, “The object and purpose of our instruction and charge is love, which springs from a pure heart and a good (clear) conscience and sincere faith – [1Tim 1:5]”. If what you reaped is not pure heart, good conscience and sincere faith, then what you sowed is not the seed of God. Yes in all generations, Preachers are accountable to God. As messengers of God and ambassadors of Christ they have received special messages to deliver people from lack of vision. The Word set the captives free from all evil imaginations and deceptions and give people clear direction. So it’s time again to wake up. Arise and shine, preach the Word and let there be Light!!!
Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven – [Mathew5.16]. Let the people who sit in the darkness see the great Light, let those who sit in the shadow of death get illuminated by the Light of Life.
But consider, what Jesus said about the eyes of the body. Christian Leaders must be visionaries who can see through the thick dark walls of the evil world. They need to patiently wait upon the Lord and truly rejuvenate their spiritual life like an Eagle. They should carry penetrating Scriptural insights as the watchmen over the walls of Jerusalem. Such God conscious servants guard the Kingdom of God with a Soaring Eagle’s eyes. “The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is sound, your entire body will be full of light. But if your eye is unsound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the very light in you [your conscience] is darkened, how dense is that darkness!– [Mathew 6.22-23].
So Study and be eager and do your utmost to present yourself to God approved, a workman who has no cause to be ashamed, correctly analyzing and accurately dividing [rightly handling and skillfully teaching] the Word of Truth- [2Tim 2.15]. We need to do this with the same flame of passion burning in the heart of Christ for the Temple of the Living God. “For the time is coming when [people] will not tolerate sound and wholesome instruction, but, having ears itching [for something pleasing and gratifying], they will gather to themselves one teacher after another to a considerable number, chosen to satisfy their own liking and to foster the errors they hold”.
Paul said, “They will turn aside from hearing the truth and wander off into myths and man-made fictions. As for you, be calm and cool and steady, accept and suffer unflinchingly every hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fully perform all the duties of your ministry” –[2Tim4.3-5]
Jesus the Righteous Judge said, “The basis of the judgment (the test by which men are judged, the ground for the sentence) lies in this: the Light has come into the world, and people have loved the darkness rather than and more than the Light, for their works were evil” – Jn 3.20
The new year messages for today’s Local Churches are already spoken before two thousand years. Check this one out for 2010, “And to the angel of the assembly in Laodicea write: I know your [record of] works and what you are doing; you are neither cold nor hot. For you say, I am rich; I have prospered and grown wealthy, and I am in need of nothing; and you do not realize and understand that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.
Therefore I counsel you to purchase from Me gold refined and tested by fire, that you may be [truly] wealthy, and white clothes to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nudity from being seen, and salve to put on your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I [dearly and tenderly] love, I tell their faults and convict and convince and reprove and chasten [I discipline and instruct them]. So be enthusiastic and in earnest and burning with zeal and repent [changing your mind and attitude].
Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone hears and listens to and heeds My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and will eat with him, and he [will eat] with Me. He who overcomes (is victorious), I will grant him to sit beside Me on My throne, as I Myself overcame (was victorious) and sat down beside My Father on His throne. He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the [Holy] Spirit says to the assemblies (churches)”.
May God bless you and enable you to commune with Christ throughout 2010 and forever. Let there be Light and let there be Delight in the heart of God and His worshiper!!! Amen, Amen!!!

The Bride of the lamb and her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit!!!

December 25, 2009

The Bride of the Lamb is a living body which constantly walks in submission to Christ the Head. The Bride denies herself to follow the Spirit of God every single day. By His power she deadens the works of the flesh and obeys the Word of God with no compromise. She keeps herself separated from the ways of the world and she overcomes the evil one by always abiding in Christ. This makes her remain spotlessly radiant and flawlessly Christ perfect. For the fulfillment of God’s purposes, God pleasing Church leaders and congregations completely allows the Holy Spirit to flow beyond their experiential Xerox’s of human understanding.

Move of the Holy Spirit can be very radically new, but it is forever driven by the same Holy purposes of God and it never contradict the great Biblical Principles. One day in a Pastors conference, someone introduced me as a mighty man of God to the audience. I felt a little awkward and shy, because the intro was over emphasizing the servant than the grace of the Master. I humbled myself and gave Father God all the praise and honor in advance for everything He is goanna do using me as His servant. I am scared of the introductions that create negative impacts. It can send wrong signals to the audience until you break the ice and delete the non-sense from the minds of people.

As I went up on stage to minister, I told myself, “You are just a weak donkey, but don’t worry, the One who sits on you is a Mighty Lion”. When I entered the pulpit, God’s Presence and His Lordship was very evident, the atmosphere was ready to explode in the fullness of the Holy Ghost. I understood I need to stand still, so I was speechless and there was pin drop silence for few minutes and it supernaturally continued. I saw people crying and listening to God. The manifestation of His awesome presence led people to an intimate conversation with God. And If I speak a word, I may be disturbing their intimate communion with God. And then Holy Spirit the Counselor told me wait for few seconds more and utter these words. “Breathe Christ, the very Breath of life”. I said that and I saw everyone started to breathe heavily!!! What was done as an act of faith in obedience to what Holy Spirit said led us to a time of celebration of great Joy. An extra-ordinary anointing fell on the people as I started ministering. God broke the bondages, healed wounded hearts and transformed lives like never before and we were all blessed by the great move of God in that night.

But this Divine experience cannot be duplicated by human will in some other place. It can form a new doctrine which is not at all scriptural and also not prompted by the Holy Spirit. God can do something new every day, sometimes He may do the old things again in His Sovereign will. Jesus Christ is the Lord, we are not. Don’t pretend as the Master, we are called to be His bond servants. Here we need to seek God with all our heart and remain sensitive to the Holy Spirit to execute His perfect will.

The style and directions of His moves may change every new day, but His motives are clear and pure forever. If the move is from the Head, it illuminates the whole body of Christ. Therefore, follow the Holy Spirit in every breath we breathe and every thought we think and every word we speak and every step we take. We should remember, the first century Saints never had the printed Bible like we have it today. But the Sons of God meticulously followed the Spirit of God the Teacher who imprinted the teaching of the Word of God in the hearts of the Saints. When they obeyed the Word in union with Christ, that history was written in the Breath of God and it formed the pages of the Bible we read now. Today we have Bibles in many versions and hundreds of languages. But unlike the first century saints, today we lack the deep conviction about the written Word and we miss the inseparable communion with the Living Word. If we are not desperate we won’t be able to catch up with the brand marks of the Bride.

And these days, be watchful of people who overdo teachings and distort Biblical Principles regarding the moves of God. Paul said to Timothy (1Tim 1.3-8) ” Instruct certain people not to teach any different doctrine, and not to occupy themselves with myths and endless genealogies that promote speculations rather than the Divine training that is known by faith.

Here Paul exposes the sharp motive of the teaching. He says “The aim of instruction is love that comes from a pure heart, a good conscience and sincere faith. Some people have deviated from these and turned to meaningless talk, desiring to be teachers without understanding either what they are saying or the things about which they make assertions.

Paul who wrote half of the New Testament says, I want to know Him more deeply and intimately, through the power of resurrection and for that he was willing to pay the price. He expressed his willingness to share in the sufferings of Christ. Let’s be God conscious than people conscious for the perfecting work of God to be done in us. His touch can accomplish greater things according to His will than hours of human counseling or preaching.

In 2010 a remnant church that is hungry for God’s word and thirsty for His Holy Spirit is goanna rise up. More than self pleasing, people or world pleasing they will be deeply concerned about pleasing God through every move of the Holy Spirit. The Bride is always ready to obey the Word and follow the Holy Spirit every day. Hello…what about you ?!!!

May God be with you to teach you and guide you through in 2010 and for ever. Amen!!!

The glorious make-up materials for the Queen in the gold of Ophir.

December 24, 2009

Sons of Korah sang in Psalm 45, “Your throne, O God, endures forever and ever”.

At the right hand of the King of Glory stands the queen of flawless beauty in the gold of Ophir.

Hear, O daughter, consider and incline your ear; forget your people and your father’s house, and the King will desire your beauty. The princess is decked in her chamber with gold-woven robes; in many-colored robes she is led to the King; behind her the virgins, her companions, follow.

Song of Solomon described her, You are beautiful as Tirzah, my love, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners. The King said, “Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away; for now the winter is past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth its figs, and the vines are in blossom; they give forth fragrance.

Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the covert of the cliff, let me see your face, let me hear your voice; for your voice is sweet, and your face is lovely. Turn away your eyes from me, for they overwhelm me! My dove, my perfect one, is the only one, the darling of her mother, flawless to her that bore her. The maidens saw her and called her happy; the queens and concubines also, and they praised her. “Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?”

The most beautiful make-up materials applied for the Glorious Bride of the Lamb are:- The illuminating Glory of Christ for the face, humility and purity for the heart, deep compassion for the eyes, the Breath of God for the nose, Eternal Truth for the lips, joyful laughter for the mouth, the Word of God for the ears, the praise and thanks giving for the tongue, integrity for the chest, Revelation of Christ for the neck, the most holy faith for the legs, Good News for the feet, prayer for the knees, Sword of the Spirit and charity for the hands !!!

The true worshipers of God avoid the masks of diplomatic hypocrisy, they run after the heart of God and deny the evil passions of the flesh and reject the ungodly pleasures of this world and flee from all sexual immorality. The wedding of the Lamb is coming, His Bride is constantly preparing herself ready by meditating and doing the perfect will of God that makes her perfect in Christ. She is predestined to be seated with Christ forever in the heavenly places. She does the God pleasing act of spiritual make-up daily and remain gloriously radiant in the fullness of the abundance of grace that is in Christ !!!

Our King is coming soon, any time the Bridegroom may appear, the time is near. The Bride’s heart is crying with a sense of urgency, she says “Take me away with you, let’s hurry” -Song 1.4.

Wishing you all a glorious and prosperous New Year in Christ.

More than words, our life reflects the Gospel !!!

December 22, 2009

More than words, our life presents the light of the Gospel to people in darkness. Christ in us is the hope of Glory. He is the life-giving Spirit who illuminates us with His glory and grace.  But if we don’t abide in Him, through us God’s desires will be unfulfilled, our prayers remain unanswered and our mission cannot be accomplished. Words without His life and Spirit cannot reveal the mystery that sets the captives free. Therefore as branches, abide in Christ the True Vine at all cost. Wishing you a very joyful and fruitful new year in Christ.

Rejoice in the Lord’s Presence and His Lordship!

December 19, 2009

This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.Rejoice in the Lord and never stop rejoicing in Him. Today the message is joyful; the Father God seeks true worshipers. And when two or three are gathered in His Holy name, Christ the King stands in the midst of those who worship Him in Spirit and Truth. He is the Alpha and Omega, He is forever Faithful and True and He alone is worthy to be praised.

Psalm 150 says, “Praise the LORD! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty expanse. Praise Him for His mighty deeds; Praise Him according to His excellent greatness. Praise Him with trumpet sound; with harp and lyre. Praise Him with timbrel and dancing; with stringed instruments and pipe. Praise Him with loud cymbals; Praise Him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the LORD”.

In unison, when high Praise was heard in Solomon’s temple, it was amazingly ecstatic. God’s glory came down to abide in the praises of His people. Celebration of praise brings great joy. There is fullness of joy in God’s presence. The eternal pleasures are at His right hand.

But the self worshipers, enjoy the material blessings and Spiritual gifts and momentary pleasures in the presence of God and totally ignore the deeper things in the heart of God. Without truly engaging their heart with Christ, the ecstasy seekers become worshipers in vain. If you accept His presence and reject His Lordship over your life and character, the joy of the Lord will not be your strength for ever.

We are called to grow in full maturity in Christ from strength to strength and glory to glory. But if you faint in the day of trouble and find your strength was small, then you cannot overcome adversity. If you constantly do the perfect will of God, Joy of the Lord will illuminate you at all seasons of life.

The Kingdom of God is in Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Ghost, but it functions only in the inseparable union with Christ the King of Kings.

To revive your strength, always deny yourself and submit to God and resist the devil. Constantly renew your mind to please God and rejoice in His Lordship in your life.Then you will be strong enough to face the music at all the seasons of life. Take the cross and follow Christ faithfully, then His mercy and grace will follow you endlessly.

So Habakuk says, “Though the fig tree does not blossom, and no fruit is on the vines; though the produce of the olive fails, and the fields yield no food; though the flock is cut off from the fold, and there is no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will exult in the God of my salvation. God, the Lord, is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, and makes me tread upon the heights”.

If you do this rest of your life, you will always say, Christ has put more joy in my heart, than when their wheat and new wine have yielded abundantly. In peace I will lie down and sleep, Lord alone makes me dwell in safety and confident trust. Welcome to fully celebrate a joyful life with Christ in the Kingdom of God.

I wish you a new year of everlasting Joy in Christ the King. God bless you. Amen!!!

Discipleship is a frictionless journey to freedom!!!

December 19, 2009

Christ the Ultimate Liberator said, “If you abide in My word, you are truly my disciples”. True discipleship is the journey to freedom with no frictions of rebellion. This journey will enlighten our inner eyes to see who Christ is and who we are in Christ. Disciples follow Christ and God liberates those who conceive the Way, the Truth and the Life. If the SON liberates you, then you are really and unquestionably free.

Ego check is an exercise in humility.

December 15, 2009
Ego check is an exercise in humility. Accept praise, but never believe it totally and get carried away. Remember you are mortal. Constantly listen to your best Companion, the Holy Spirit. Reflect on your shortcomings and praise God for His grace. Ego affirms a leader’s ability to take charge. But checking the ego demonstrates a leader’s ability to take charge of himself. This is why Paul said, I die daily! Galatians 5.24 & 6:4 says,Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. “But each one must examine his own work, and then he will have reason for boasting in regard to himself alone, and not in regard to another”.
“It’s okay if people think u r God, but you’re in trouble if u start believing it.” We have to believe in ourselves – otherwise no one else will. Our conviction about the gifts we have received from God the Giver has to be strong and resilient without pride & arrogance. Our life & Character reflect our egos louder than the words we speak. Let’s glory in God’s grace
and then boast in Christ.