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Be a real father not a mere leader.

June 20, 2012

The Apostle governs, Prophet leads, Pastor guards, Teacher grounds and Evangelist gathers to establish the Kingdom of God and make His praise glorious on earth. The Ambassadors of Christ foreordained before the foundation of the world are co-builders of the Kingdom of Light. Our lives are constantly engaged in spiritual warfare against the principalities and powers of darkness working non-stop to distract us and deceive us. Integrity, transperency and unity in following the protocall of God is mandatory for a triumphant victory against the enemy.

In any war zone, the army, navy, airforce, and all other military divisions function under the same military intelligence as one single unit led by the head of their nation. The truth is that, the eye cannot hear with out the ear. We know the nose can breathe but cannot eat and stomach remains empty without the help of the mouth. As parts of His body, we are fearfully and wonderfully made to serve one another in the fear of the Lion of Judah the Great Conqueror. To become more than conquerors in Christ, we should compliment each other without contradicting and ridiculing each other.

But spiritual pride divides us and blinds us from seeing the meticulous details of the Divine purpose of our minsitry. Our collective humility keeps the unity in the bond of peace. But corrupt leadership belief systems make us think we don’t need to be accountable to others and it make us feel we dont need to be interdependent ’cause we are capable of wining the war all by ourselves, so that we can take the credit for victory.

Selfish motives that control and manipulate the ministry quench the Spirit of God. If the terminology “submission to authority” is abused, the quality and quantity of the Church growth diminish shamefully. Where there is no vision from the Father, His people perish as a result of inner conflicts. Lack of direct revelation, is a favorable condition for spiritual disaster.

If the mind of Christ is not our code of conduct, we build our personal ministry kingdoms for selfish gain and grieve the Holy Spirit. The self centic leaders, represent Christ in vain. Because they try to own the Church which Christ earned with His blood on the cross.

Seek the deeper passions in the Father’s heart. Never be self centric leaders who belittle the immeasurable possibilities of the united Body of Christ. God says, be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth. Hear the deep calling the deep, constantly know the heart of the Abba. May the Spirit of Christ Who dwells in us enable us to give birth to a holy generation united in perpertual adoration. To remain fruitful enough to subdue the earth be a real father not a mere leader. Amen! –